Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Going Solo..

Today Lea has taken yet another sick day. So I am alone, cold and hungry. I feel the earth ready to swallow me whole without her. I'm lost in this big hollow office...

No, not really. It's actually kind of peaceful without her. On with Tuesday!

I have drank a large Mcdonalds ice coffee, a box of Nerds and a Rockstar energy drink and wouldnt you know...I'm still tired. And I'm almost sure that I'm going to go into a diebetic coma. I'm even more tired when I think about going home to the family and dragging something out for dinner then dealing with Mr. R's (boyfriend) bullshit.

I have never met a man with more emotional issues than a cheerleader on hormone pills. It's no wonder I can't catch up with myself. Kids, house, Mr. R....I need a vaction. A vaction in which I never come back.

By the way..I have some errands to run before 3pm..so Lea might kill me with her lazer vision and I may not return.

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