Monday, April 12, 2010

Hi, it's Gina!

Hi out there in Blogspot Land. So this should be fun. My best bud and I decided one day at the office while we were putting our "work" on the back burner which is fancy talk for "ignoring" decided to make a blog. We have lots to say apparently, just no one really wants to listen.

So, a little about myself. I am 27 year old high school drop out with two kids and the father of my childern is a former marine with PTSD. You might hear alot from Lea about how her and her husband are best friends and how they have sex in the closet...but you won't be hearing that from me. My boyfriend and I are a nightmare made in hell. So if you want to hear about true love and happiness all over talk to Lea...but if you want disturbing gothic novel to me. We are both pretty willing to take it all on.
I work in an office as a..well they never gave me a title but I work here anyways. Sometimes I file, sometimes I answer phones and sometimes I stand out back and chain smoke.

Yes, they do pay me to chain smoke.

Here I will unload my latetest frustrations, depression and lost hopes and dreams. Which I am sure Lea will have something to say about since she always does. This should be healthy for me because I think what I need is a place where I can release my thought in an emtionally exceptable way before I haul off and shoot someone.
Now the real fun begins. Welcome to our Blog!

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