Monday, April 12, 2010

She's making me....That's why I'm new here....

Hello World,

My name is Lea, I am "Blogging" cause my best friend is making me, she knows I am perfectly comfortable reading about other peoples mistakes, mishaps and special interests but not so much into sharing my own, anyways before I could talk her out of it, she had stolen my seat logged into my computer and used her massive claw hands to enter some information that is now the profile of this blog. She sets me up on this page and with one swift move she is running out of my office and as she did she yelped "Just Put Yourself Out There". So here I am putting myself out there...

I am married and have 3 kids, I work full time and maintain an entire household on my own. Yes, my husband does things too, but usually I just have to re-do them so he is really no help all, I think we will call him " Double D". We have a pretty happy and healthy marriage, we fight at least once a day, have an amazing sex life (I can tell you some stories, boy) and share the same goals when it comes to family and life. My kids are 5, 6, and 9 and they keep me very busy. They each have their own crazy personalities, which I am sure you will hear more about as I get more acquainted with this site, site right, you call this a site or a blog site, oh I am so lost. Aah Remind me to kill Gina for making me do this, I sound like a bumbling idiot.

I must say besides my family my job is the only other thing I have that brings peace to my day. Its like a mini get-a-way for 8 hours. I work with people with disabilities and I love almost every minute of it, the only time I don't enjoy it is when the boss is bitching about hitting numbers, or balancing budgets... otherwise I am a lifer here.

My best friends who I mentioned in the beginning of this spiel is conniving and manipulative, but I have to admit everything she has ever forced me to do has always been good for me..... she set up this blog that we will be doing together. I think you will find it interesting how brutal we can be to each other and still call each other friends, let alone best friends... I think this is one of the most unique friendships you will come across as our views on pretty much everything are never agreed upon...

Happy Following......Blogsters

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