Thursday, April 15, 2010

Make up- Who needs it...

My whole life I have never really worn make up. I have never worn eye shadow ever unless I am playing dress up with my daughters. I don't think I really need it. I do wear a little cover up to smooth out the face and a little lipstick, I think a little lip stick is better than white ashy lips???

My husband always says look how good you look without make-up, those girls have to wear make-up to look like that!!! So, So, True.

Gina thinks lipstick brings attention to the teeth, but if you ask me white paste that collects from the dryness of the lips and teeth brings attention to your teeth. Sometimes I don't really get her reasoning... Its always a mystery to me.

I don't wear make-up cause I choose not too, I think Gina doesn't really try. She does not have time, she says. I think she does not want to deal with the kids but if she wanted to it can be done. My mother and I am sure her mother wore a full face of make-up when we were little. Mothers have been doing it for years with kids, mothers have just gotten lazier. Kind of like how she bitches about never being able to take her kids anywhere, she does not want to deal with them, it not that she cant actually go somewhere. Again mothers have gotten lazy throughout the years. I know its hard my 3 where all little at once, and yeah you come home sweaty and exhausted, but at least you did it. And little by little it gets easier cause your kids learn how to behave in public or learn how to act in other peoples houses.

I am so tired of peoples excuses for the things that don't go right in their life. My life's not perfect by any means, but when I don't like something, I do something to change it. It may not always be easy but in the end I am happier for it.....

Her life is very frustrating to me.... she gives me good blogging idea's.


  1. So you're the bitch who's beautiful with no make-up?

    Screw you slut!

    Must be nice!

    I am as you put it 'with a full face on'

    I'm fucking scary dude. :)

    Gorgeous after though!

  2. I like that comment... and you are a bit scary (at first), but then your honesty comes across sweet... your made for blogging...