Thursday, April 15, 2010

Okay So I changed it.

I changed the title of our blog. So sue me.
I'm sitting here doing some file audits at my big desk in my small chair and this title came to me.

Lea and I are smokers. We smoke allot. We always think of quitting but never actually say the words out loud. Afraid it might actually come true, that an ancient curse will befall us. For me cigarettes are one of the functions that I enjoy doing.I hate laundry, I hate dishes, cooking dinner, cleaning out the garage but I love to smoke. They are an extension of who I am. They are a choice I make. And I will continue to smoke.

People say "Your going to get cancer and your going to die."

Well, we are all going to die. What if I quit today...then months later I'm involved in a freak accident and suffer a slow agonizing death? The only thing I'm going to think of while in my death bed is "I should have never quit smoking."

The other part of the title is "with No Make-up" Another part of mother hood and full time jobs is that we rarely get 5 minutes alone to actually put on make-up. Well I don't anyways, I don't know about Lea because her life is perfect. I think she is just a late sleeper.
Anyways, neither one of us wear make-up which is quite scary at times but we don't really care. The only time one of us is wearing it is when theres a funeral or a wedding. Other than that..we are sans make-up.

Lea tends to wear shockingly red lipstick now and then..and I mostly laugh as she trucks off to a meeting. But that's it.

So the title suits us and I think she will agree. And if she doesn't it wouldn't be the first time.


  1. Oh god, I fucking love you!!!!!

    You know what? I love to smoke too. I ENJOY it. People do not understand that.

    I had you on my blogroll, when I clicked your link, you WERE UNABLE TO BE FOUND!

    I am suffering from allergies from goddamn hell and my brain is not functioning properly damnit! It took me like 5 minutes to figure out how the fuck to get here!

    God bitches have some sympathy on this Crazy Brunette Bitch!

  2. THANKS CRAZY! I like the title too! I wonder why we couldn't be found? Curiouser and curiouser. Glad your here!!!